Power Generation Basics

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About this course…

This course is designed for technicians and supervisors involved with the operation and maintenance of electrical power generators. In this class, students will begin with the basics of generators and prime movers including a review of electromagnetic induction. The course progresses through the theory and function of grounding systems and the switchgear needed to transfer electric power to the end user. Speed control, voltage regulation, parallel operation and load sharing are also explained. Recommended troubleshooting, maintenance and testing practices are covered using real-world examples of the effects of both proper and improper maintenance.

Who should attend…

Managers, technicians, and safety personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of generators and associated equipment.


Some field experience is recommended but not mandatory.

The Details…

Course Length 2.5 days (20 contact hours)
Each open-enrollment student will receive a course text.

You’ll learn…
  • Generators and prime movers
  • Protection and transfer of electrical power
  • Generator and engine controls
  • Auxillary systems
  • Tests commonly performed on circuit breakers and their associated switchgear
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of power generation systems
  • Be able to identify distribution equipment associated with generator systems
  • Be able to discuss guidelines for installation, operation, and maintenance
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